Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The creation of this blog serves as a means to share the enrichment of life, as shared by many, through the many venues of spiritual growth and its impact on all aspects of life, especially when searching for a way to bring it all together, whether in times of gratitude or times of searching for meaning when life brings elements of imbalance and negativity through life situations and the fallout of overwhelming circumstances. 

I have learned through spirituality that my life experiences dealing with relationship issues of domestic abuse, being a cancer survivor and struggling with  the fight alone.  Dealing with a debilitating autoimmune disease (Lupus) on a daily basis, the many struggles that people endure with mental illness through the years of working with them and the fight to simply live life with a sense of purpose and dignity, that there has always been one common thread and that being my growth in my spiritual being, which gave me the ability to overcome the negative aspects of what life may bring. 

There are many things in life that can bring it to a screeching halt and drop one to their knees in despair and hopelessness, bringing the very fiber of life's meaning and purpose into question. I have been there, on more than one occasion.  There are people that I have been graced with throughout my life who have inspired me, taught me and nurtured me through the study of eastern philosophy and religion, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Tai-Chi, Reiki, Yoga practices and meditation, the influences of Western Philosophy and Christianity have provided me with a sense of unconditional support and offered me their insight into the human condition and reminded me of who I am, a spiritual being.  This, in turn, starting early in my life, lead me to question the status quot of mainstream social views and beliefs as they seemed to me to instill pessimism and acceptance of negative outcomes in life as simply "it's just the way it is".  Learning to take a few steps back and looking at life and spirituality, it's many intricacies objectively with simplicity in mind, I opened up my views and through my growth in various spiritual fashions have helped me to not accept things as just the way it is. Blind leaps of faith, with the desire to find meaning and purpose, spirituality has propelled me toward a journey that will never end, becoming that which I seek.

  Aspects of many have shaped my beliefs, shared and conveyed life stories, struggles, fears, disenchantment with life and the fight for life with unstoppable courage, conviction and compassion, teaching others unknowingly through their many positive attributes with an open heart and an open mind, non judgmental, always giving in the service of others, accepting of others and always seeking positive spiritual growth. 

Through the struggles of health issues and the overall ideology of treating mind, body and spirit as one, I have embraced this journey with improved health, a strength of spirit and the desire to share and learn from others, melding this path of  health and spirituality.

Thank you for visiting, I encourage you to leave comments and or responses, because with the exchange of multiple ideas, thoughts and feelings with others always leads to greater inner spiritual growth.

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I want to leave you with this wish, "May all your days end beholding the beauty of God's pallet though sunsets last rays."


Sherie Blakeman
"Soul Warrior"